Polycom High-Definition (HD) Video Conferencing

Polycom Global Partners and Networld+Interop attendees first to see high definition video in action.

PLEASANTON, Calif. – April 26, 2005 – Polycom®, Inc. (NASDAQ: PLCM), the world’s leading provider of unified collaborative communications solutions, today announced that it is demonstrating high definition video this week at the Polycom Global Partner Conference being held in San Diego, Calif., and next week at the Networld+Interop conference in Las Vegas (booth #2348). The high definition video technology will be demonstrated on Polycom VSX, the company’s flagship video communications platform. Polycom is also announcing its current VSX 8000s and MGC multipoint video bridges will be field upgradeable to H.264 standards-based high definition video. Pricing and availability will be announced in fourth quarter 2005.

"We are excited to announce this breakthrough technology as a further demonstration of our leadership and commitment to the investments our customers are making in the VSX platform," said Ed Ellett, senior vice president and general manager of video communications at Polycom. "Polycom has a long history of pioneering technologies that become industry standards – most recently with Polycom’s Siren14™ super wideband audio algorithm, which is now known as ITU standard G.722.1 Annex C. HD video is yet another example of our ability to deliver the ultimate communications experience."

High definition video conferencing offers an experience that is life-like in resolution. Today, Polycom VSX systems can deliver TV-like quality at rates of 30 frames-per-second and 60 fields of interlaced video, known as Polycom ProMotion™ video. TV quality is available at data rates as low as 512 Kbps, which is available in most home office and business environments. HD video conferencing typically requires data rates of 1 Mbps or higher. The VSX 8000 is designed for high-performance video conferencing applications and includes professional audio and video connections that make it ideally suited for these types of applications. As more meeting rooms install HD video-capable displays, Polycom will continue to improve upon the technology to offer HD video for more mainstream applications.

"It’s clear after today’s demonstration that Polycom continues to be the leading innovator in video communications technology," said John A. Rodella, CEO and president of RoData, Inc. "HD video will clearly enhance the user experience and will further advance the adoption of video as a mission critical business tool. With the combination of Polycom HD video technology, voice solutions, and networking infrastructure, Polycom continues to be the smart choice for unified collaborative communications."

What is HD?

HD is a logical step for Videoconferencing

Video Resolution Comparison

QCIF - Video Resolution

CIF - Video Resolution

Pro-Motion H.264 - Video Resolution

~ 10 CIF - Video Resolution


HD Enriches the Visual Experience

Higher Resolution

Enhanced Clarity with Motion

Colours are sharper and more true to life

More diverse types of content

What is needed for a high quality HD Videoconferencing Experience?

Polycom HD Endpoints

Complete Solution Developed by Polycom

HD Upgrade for Current VSX 8000 Users

Polycom is committed to the entire HD experience

Polycom MGC HD Multipoint

The Polycom MGC multipoint conference units support HD TODAY

The only true scalable solution available

No new or additional hardware required

Enables all customers to be "HD Ready" for future applications


Polycom are sole provider of End-to-End HD solution

HD capability already available across MGC line

Protecting the installed base of video endpoints

Polycom will ship multiple HD solutions in 2006 and beyond

Polycom HD solutions are standards based for interoperability and optimised for end-to-end performance

Polycom is trusted today and will be the world leader for HD Video, Bridging and Management

HD Summary

Today Polycom delivers the best end-to-end family of videoconferencing solutions in the market

Polycom will maintain market leadership position with complete end-to-end HD offering

Bottom Line: Polycom remains the smart choice for HD videoconferencing


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